April 10, 2020

Best Discord Bots to Improve your Discord Server in 2020

When it comes to using VoIP, nothing beats DISCORD in terms of its features, interface and most importantly, it’s a gaming community. One of the striking features of DISCORD is that it lets the user add bots to their server to get small tasks done without hassle. The primary jobs of the best DISCORD bots are playing music, fetching notifications for the user, facilitating voice chats (visible), scheduling events etc. However, good Bots provide way more features than these and make the user’s life easier. DISCORD and its bots are gaining more and more popularity every day because of their wide usage through the gaming and streaming community. Discord also helps the users to introduce Bots into their servers by following simple steps that appear in DISCORD.

What are Discord Bots?

When we talk about bots, we sure want best DISCORD Bots to do most of our small chores like playing music, fetching notifications, blocking and unblocking, kicking and inviting friends, fetching updates etc. As small as these few things may seem they don’t let us work, chat or game properly which is why many of us lose out on a lot of productivity or good experience, and it gets irritating. This is where best DISCORD Bots come to the rescue by making things simpler for the user.

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The best of the bots out there are free mostly and have premium access via subscriptions and provide seamless Bot experience with Discord. The most used and popular ones are in terms of music are:


Rythm Discord Bot
Rythm Discord Bot

Rhythm is one of the best Discord music bot concentrated on one objective to convey the best music experience on Discord. It offers a more significant number of highlights than some other Discord bot committed to its motivation sending top-notch music from various sources. Rhythm is continually being refreshed and taken a shot at to bring you far superior quality and to suit your needs! With a simple to utilize, non-broad order list, Rhythm guarantees stability; this implies no bot or music slack ever.

Supporting numerous wellsprings of music to play on Rhythm, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch and the sky is the limit from there. Presently in case, you’re vigilant for a music bot that won’t just play music yet additionally discover the verses for you, at that point you should look at Rythm. Just like Fredboat and other Discord bots, Rythm offers the clients an uncomplicated interface with an average determination of directions to assist you with playing great music from different servers. But probably the coolest thing about this bot is that it can discover the verses the tune that is playing, on the off chance that you need to murmur along.

Rythm additionally offers a web dashboard for server administrators from where they can without much of a stretch control the music being played right from the web, which is a convenient option. Rhythm also suggests songs based on the listening history of the user and also makes playlists with a lot of opportunities to use as shortcuts for the user’s ease, and it’s free.


Fredbot Discord Bot
Fredbot Discord Bot

Fredboat is one of the most renowned disocrd music bots out there and for a valid justification. It’s fundamental and requires no setup. The bot’s music directions are anything but difficult to recollect and with it you can have excellent music playing on your server in no time. The bot is totally allowed to utilize and enables you to play music from administrations like YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and so forth. You can decide to legitimately connect a tune or playlist that you need to play or utilize Fredboat’s inquiry highlight to discover the song for you. This bot completely takes away all the work configuring the bot and DISCORD. It has simple and easy features of play, pause, repeat, etc. and because of its simplicity, it is one of the most used bots. Some commands that can be utilized are play URL, now playing, skip, pause, repeat, and more.



Groovy is a comparatively newer bot than the ones above but does its job perfectly fine without issues in its features and performance and is the most lag-free bot out there. It is another component rich music and best Discord bot that you can get for your Discord server. It’s likewise genuinely simple to utilize, has basic directions, it enables you to play music legitimately from administrations like Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Music, etc. The bot offers a slack free, excellent music listening experience and it’s very steady, even on enormous servers with a high client populace. Nonetheless, the bot isn’t allowed to utilize completely, and a portion of its highlights, including basic ones like volume control, are taken cover behind a paywall.

4. 24/7

24-7 Discord Bot
24-7 Discord Bot

The music bot you need, play songs on-demand or listen to a radio station all day long without ever having to stop. The party won’t stop when you leave either, because this bot stays in your channel 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The key features also include playing any YouTube videos or Livestream or play any Spotify songs and nevertheless playing any radio station/stream Without any lag.

Adjusting the rundown is the 24/7 music bot which, as you can see its name proposes, is a simple bot where you can play nonstop music. The bot can play explicit melody demands, and let you play your preferred radio station in your stream for a continuous experience. The free form of the bot even gives you a chance to play YouTube live streams, however, if you need considerably more highlights, you can buy into the superior adaptation. On the off chance that you choose the paid variant, you gain admittance to a large group of highlights, for example, more excellent sound playback, volume controls, the capacity to make your custom directions, and significantly more.



Vexera is another incredible decision in case you’re searching for a straightforward music bot that incorporates support for numerous sources, including YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, Vimeo, Mixer, Bandcamp, and Spotify. What separates Vexera from different bots on this rundown are its control includes that will enable you to kick, boycott or quiet individuals in your server effortlessly.Another significant element about Vexera is that it incorporates support for more than 15 unique dialects, and it can likewise bring you the verses to any melody. While the free form is competent in itself, the exceptional renditions of Vexera offer two or three extra highlights like volume control, bass control, auto-play, and so on.


Marv Discord Bot
Marv Discord Bot

This DISCORD bot is as chill as its name with different features to suit different users’ needs. The setup, the experience are pretty easy and hassle-free for a new user as well. Being a lighter bot in terms of features, it uses DISCORD’s ultimate proxy servers to the fullest. Also, it is one of the fastest and best DISCORD bots you can find.


Discord Bot Pancake

Pancake is one of those few Bots which is primarily for music purposes of the user. YouTube and Twitch streamers and gamers highly suggests it.

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These are a few suggestions to get started with best DISCORD bots. For bots to work properly, it has to be set upright as per the user’s needs. Being a renowned VoIP, DISCORD tutorials can be found on YouTube for almost every feature. Most of the above suggestions for bots are excellent and easy to use. But they can still have some complexities and complications for which there are help sections which are super-efficient. If your Discord mic is not working and having some troubles with your Discord mic you can check out our article.

Bots are the most comforting things to use on DISCORD and can make life easier, and the best aspect of it is that you don’t get to pay for it as most of the Bots are free and have a lot of features which any user would find suitable. However, bots, as a whole, still have a long way to go. And it is interesting about their evolution since their creation in the late 90’s. They always keep evolving and getting smarter, which is why they are being the next to Artificial Intelligence (AI) by programmers throughout the world.

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